Advocating for Openness

The new Pathway on Advocating for Openness is now on line with information on how nurturing an organization’s or network’s commitment to open information and knowledge.

Additional resources like interviews, webinars and related events are now accessible from the pathway homepage. 

Webinar on "Open Access Progress and Promise in the CGIAR Consortium"

Piers Bocock, Director of Knowledge Management and Communication at the CGIAR Consortium,  pesented the webinar on "Open Access Progress and Promise in the CGIAR Consortium". The slides and recording of the presentation are accessible here.

Towards open science to face agriculture challenges

Odile Hologne, managing director of scientific information department at France’s National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA), shares with the CIARD Community her experience advocating for the openess of research information and knowledge within INRA.

Accessible at Towards open science to face agriculture challenges


Participation in the CIARD movement offers many benefits to you and your organization. We welcome individuals and institutions that support the CIARD manifesto.

For information about becoming a CIARD partner, please contact the Secretariat.

Welcome to CIARD

Vision: Agricultural knowledge is freely accessible and contributes to reducing hunger and poverty

CIARD is a global movement dedicated to open agricultural knowledge. We help to align the efforts of national, regional and international institutions, and to establish better connections to improve sharing of information and services.

Partners in CIARD believe that open knowledge makes it easier to develop better solutions to agricultural challenges. Furthermore, we contribute to reducing hunger and poverty, because agricultural development is such an important driver of economic growth.